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Bringing the university campus to the world of Minecraft during a time when we can’t be there in-person.

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Hosting an Event

Want to host an event on Project UTMC?

Types of Events

Permitted Events

Possible events that can be hosted on Project UTMC can include:

  • Virtual Open Houses and Campus Tours

  • Shows/Performances

  • Celebrations

  • Graduation Ceremonies

  • Online Classes (lectures, tutorials, practicals etc.)

  • Competitions and Challenges (ie. "Hackathons", building competitions, Frosh etc.)

  • Custom Games

and more

Not Permitted Events

The following events are not permitted on the server under any circumstances:

  • Any event that emulates an action that could be considered illegal in real life

  • Any event that promotes bullying, harrasment, racism, negative religious remarks or is NSFW

  • Any event that is against the University's guidelines and policies

  • Any event that would cause major structural damage to the buildings or grounds of Project UTMC

Event Approval

If you are organzing a small private ("not publically announced") event or meet-up on Project UTMC, you do not need approval to host your event.

Events that meet one or more of the following criteria may require approval from the Project UTMC admins:

  • The event is semi-publically or publically advertised online

  • Require modifications to the map (ie. Atriums, Hallways, Rooms, Outside etc.)

  • Hosted by a team/organization/club other than UTM White Van

  • Has an attendance of more than 10 players

  • An event that requires the use of resources/plugins that are unavailable to players by default


Hosting Rules

Prior to the event:

  • The event must be approved by the UTM White Van admins before being advertised

  • The UTMC White Van admins must be aware of the details of the event including all the organizers involved

  • Ads for events using Project UTMC must mention UTM White Van

The Event:

  • Event hosts and organizers cannot use the event to claim ownership or involvement in the building of Project UTMC


Submit a Hosting Event Application

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